Saturday, October 6, 2012

Portfolio 2nd Pass


  1. Oh right, good first pass...

    Might want to rethink your composition on the last one. Maybe add the texture/color maps if you can, and just have the full rendering take up most of the space.

    You can still push your colors in Photoshop, maybe saturate the pinecone more, and put the pinecones together in one page. The cover page count as 1 page, so youre not really losing any pages.

    I think once you include the pencil tree renderings then you're good to go.

  2. Do you have another page of models you could put up? It would be nice to see some variety. Also, i think some sketchbook pages would be good. Maybe scan some of your favorite sketchbook pages that are from life. As well as some tree silhouettes, I think you should put in your best tree sketches from your sketchbook. I also think you should combine your pinecone paintings to one page. Right now I feel that your pages need a better layout. They don't feel evenly balanced with the items you chose to put on them. For example there is a visual hole in the top right section of your animal sketches page. You should move things around to balance out the page. You dont have to be boring and put on sketch per quadrant of the page. Maybe choose your favorite, emphasize it by making it larger and thoughtfully rearrange your other pieces around it. Another nice tip is that if you have a figure or an animal drawing, have it facing inward toward the page to draw the eye in a circle around the page, and not off the page. Do you have any digital paintings that you could put into your portfolio? Variety is the spice of life but only pick worthy pieces. Also consider making your background something other than white; black or 50% grey works too depending on the pieces on the page. Remember that the design of your layout is very important. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the responses. I will update it this coming weekend.

  4. Your revision is much better. Take out the zebra head and the pine cone. You have 14 pages already so there's no need to put in your not best work and I think those are the weakest.

    Open on your best piece (Foreshortened girl figure drawing or b/w still life) and close on your 2nd best piece. (pencil tree sketches or tree ideations). Do this, and I think you're good.

    Over all I think your figure drawing is your strongest point. Try to make that what they remember.