Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet The Leviathan

I don't think I'll have the time to model an actual character but I could probably pull off some kind of gun design. So here's a model sheet that Ill use for that gun model. It's a lever hybrid gun, thus the name Leviathan. I thought it was really fun designing and researching this, but noticed immediately that it resembled TeamFortress style, so I went ahead and pushed that idea. I pretty much referenced a lot of Moby Francke's design. He's pretty awesome. I also did a tf2 profile parody on the gun. I found that da vinci died exactly the same year when magellan left spain so I thought it would be clever to connect those two ideas. Not to mention that it was an italian who actually wrote about magellan's voyage.
Bellow are some early concepts. Considering that da Vinci was really ahead of it's time, I was totally pushing for mechanically crazy designs. I kept it believable for the most part, using actual lever, break, revolver, and flintlock mechanisms. It will not function base on my design, but that's the fun part of it....just use your imagination. lol
Now down bellow is a scale of the gun, right next to a medium size intuos4 and iphone4.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Magellan Update

Had a fun time working on this project and learning a bit on the Age of Exploration. My take on this was for Magellan to star in his own action/adventure game. I didn't get quite as much finished as I would have liked but I did manage to stay busy this break. I may get started on a model of some sort but not sure at this point. Let me know what you guys think!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prop design

I've thought about it and I think that my illustration is going to be a scene inside magellan's ship. Wasn't sure about my story yet, so I tried a little bit of prop designs to see what inspiring things might come.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magellan encounters a city in the clouds

Sometimes the title explains it all.

magellan ship concept 1

A magellan ship concept I was thinking about. I took a nap yesterday and a much better idea came to mind that I'll try to get done soon.

The idea for the new ship is that the ship is constantly being modified. Since Magellan is flying around, looking for trade routes, while encountering many different people his ship will be added to by those people. Every culture would add something to it such as a flag, panel, or symbol painted to it to represent where it's been. Like the an old suitcase that keeps adding stickers from the countries it has been. These symbols would represent peace and goodwill for future encounters with strange people.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Magellan Set

I was having fun sketching these. Rough head designs, some few notes, and rough turnarounds. I really wanted to try some clean up, but the rough sketchy look feels right to me. Not really sure where to go from here. I was thinking doing some hand/arms and feet. Also do some colors and illustration, and maybe saving the modeling last.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Flying Magellan

So I was going to do Magellan in space but Taylor got all pissed at me. I decided to do Magellan who floats around a planet exploring it for possible trade routes. As he floated around this planet on his ship he would encounter different cultures and environments. This particular culture has made their home under giant natural stone arches where they spend their whole life. From the ground you wouldn't even see there was a small city hidden within the arch but from the air you can get a glimpse of what appear to be buildings and life.

Action Poses

These are the action poses that I sketched out. I played around with proportions but just avoided any wild or too goofy designs because it started to made him look like one of the bad guys. I'm designing him as a hero. Anyway, so I kept it simple and stick with a traditional comic/animated look. Proportions and outfit changes from pose to pose, but I'll fix them as soon as I finished the turnarounds. Ok so turnarounds, expression, and maybe hand/arm designs for the next few pages.

Magellan Ideations

Some designs I'm closing in on, just sketches for now cause I always spend too much time rendering when I get into value. I'm trying to make him look like a character I would wanna play in a video game. I might create a villain and some prop if time permits.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magellan in space...

Some quick ideas for a space-based Magellan... I think Andy wanted to do this too, but I beat him to it!! Still not too sure about any of these.

More Magellan heads

Doing more definitely helped. I have a rough idea what he'll looks like now, a little combination of what I've done pretty much. I think Im ready to do those dynamic poses and extreme expressions.