Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet The Leviathan

I don't think I'll have the time to model an actual character but I could probably pull off some kind of gun design. So here's a model sheet that Ill use for that gun model. It's a lever hybrid gun, thus the name Leviathan. I thought it was really fun designing and researching this, but noticed immediately that it resembled TeamFortress style, so I went ahead and pushed that idea. I pretty much referenced a lot of Moby Francke's design. He's pretty awesome. I also did a tf2 profile parody on the gun. I found that da vinci died exactly the same year when magellan left spain so I thought it would be clever to connect those two ideas. Not to mention that it was an italian who actually wrote about magellan's voyage.
Bellow are some early concepts. Considering that da Vinci was really ahead of it's time, I was totally pushing for mechanically crazy designs. I kept it believable for the most part, using actual lever, break, revolver, and flintlock mechanisms. It will not function base on my design, but that's the fun part of it....just use your imagination. lol
Now down bellow is a scale of the gun, right next to a medium size intuos4 and iphone4.


  1. Very cool! well thought out and presented. I could totally see this in the TF2 universe.

  2. Love it all alvin! The amount of research really shows. Looks like fun to model!