Monday, October 1, 2012

Grave Robber Ideation

Ben and I are currently collaborating on a project. Here's the ideation for one of our characters. I was planning to animate them in 2d, that's why I did line ideations instead of silhouettes. But I'll have to wait for the final design to make any decisions. Bellow are some of the earliest concepts for the Grave Robber.
Eventually tried to come up with a final design:
But it looked very similar to Jack Skellington, so back to the drawing board again:
You can probably tell there's a Halloween theme involved. We haven't really come up with a solid story yet. We're just gonna approach it the "western" style, come-up with a bunch of characters and build stories around them...Ben's going to model the characters in maya, maybe animate some simple stuff, but basically just a fun exercise for us.

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